Property Tax

Creel Law Group has more collective experience at the regulatory, legislative, and litigation of ad valorem tax liens transferred pursuant to Chapter 32 of the Texas Tax Code than most other firms in the state of Texas.

A few of our accomplishments include:

  • Performing over 6,000 origination title reviews for our Property Tax Lender clients to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and to properly perfect the transfer of tax lien.

  • Representing our Property Tax Lender clients in thousands of enforcement cases and delinquent tax suits across Texas. The list of counties we have practiced in is staggering.

  • Securing a victory in front of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals for our Property Tax Lender clients exempting them from the federal Truth in Lending Act, which is nearly impossible to comply with under the Texas Property Tax Lender licensing act.

  • Our Managing Attorney has testified before the Texas Legislature on bills affecting the industry.

  • Spent years working with our Property Tax Lender clients on regulatory compliance, licensing, advertising review, audit response, and collections design.

  • Sued the Finance Commission of Texas and had a blast.